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Graffiti Mansion

Where art, innovation, and lifestyle converge. Dive into an immersive experience that blurs the boundaries between imagination and reality, showcasing a vibrant tapestry of creativity.

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Welcome to Graffiti Mansion, Las Vegas’ most vibrant and ever-evolving canvas of creativity. Nestled in the pulsating heart of Sin City, our $3 million, 9,000 square-foot artistic haven redefines the boundaries of imagination. Our activations are more than mere events; they’re cultural phenomena, attracting billions of views online and generating millions in free advertising value for our partners. Get a glimpse of the mansion’s sprawling property and original egg-shell paint job – you likely won’t ever see it this color again.

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Our Activations

One-of-a-Kind Paint Jobs on a 9000 Square Foot Mansion in the Heart of Las Vegas.

Supreme Mansion

Where street culture meets luxury. The Supreme Mansion boasts a bold fusion of iconic branding with a twist of high fashion, creating a backdrop that’s as exclusive as it is edgy.

Christmas mansion

A festive wonderland in the desert. The Christmas Mansion transforms our space into a dazzling holiday spectacle, complete with twinkling lights and seasonal cheer.

Fortnite Mansion

Dive into a world where gaming comes to life. The Fortnite Mansion is a playful homage to the beloved game, featuring vibrant scenes and characters straight out of the virtual world.

Barbie Mansion

Step into a dream house like no other. The Barbie Mansion radiates with iconic pink hues and elegant designs, celebrating the timeless charm of this classic icon.

Quarantine Mansion

Capturing the spirit of resilience and creativity. The Quarantine Mansion reflects the unique times, with artwork that inspires hope and solidarity in the face of challenge.

Our Artists


Founder & Artist

first we paint,
then we party,
then we party,
then we paint.

Looking for an invite to our next event? Contact our VIP Concierge or donate to the Paint Fund to get one!

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